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Linda Hrynyk


Linda HrynykLinda Hrynyk received her art education in Ontario where she was born. She is a graduate of the Photographic Arts program in London and the Ceramic and Glass program in Barrie.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s Linda enjoyed a career in the photographic arts. Specializing in portraits and weddings, later moving on to transparency retouching for commercial companies: she was based in Toronto until 1982, at which point she moved  to Gravenhurst and settled here.

Linda opened her pottery studio and gallery in 1985 where she created work inspired by the natural beauty of Muskoka. Rich earth tones, greens and blues, functional and one of a kind pots.

After many years of attending art shows and studio tours it was time to take a step back and enjoy life at her cottage. So in 2011 Linda moved her studio out to her cottage on Kahshe Lake where she resides today. Still creating pots with the same attention to detail and form but with new ideas, forms, glazes and colors.

Linda uses a white, high fired stoneware, and all the glazes she formulates herself. Some of Linda’s work is slab built but the majority of her work is formed on the potters wheel.  At times she add attachments and reshapes the piece giving it a new life from the roundness of the wheel. Linda’s work is always evolving and changing which is the excitement of clay. The possibilities are endless. From shape and form to the glazes, each piece is unique.

For the past 4 years Linda’s work has been represented at the Arts at the Albion in Gravenhurst, On.

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